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Eternal Peace (2014) for unaccompanied mixed choir (SATB) 5 min.
Text: Processionale Monasticum, abridged.
Paraclete Press

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Zvonimir Nagy is a Croatian-born composer and scholar based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His creative and scholarly work explores interdisciplinary connections between composition, cognitive music theory, technology, and embodied music cognition. His compositions are informed by cognitive music theory and interactivity, while recent works are influenced by postminimalism and spectral music. He is Assistant Professor of Music at Duquesne University School of Music, and he serves as Organist at St. Joseph Cathedral in Wheeling, West Virginia. He is the recipient of the Seattle Symphony Composition Prize, the Iron Composer Award, the Swan Composition Prize, the Croatian Music Institute Award. His music appears at MSR Classics label. Also a performer, his interests are in contemporary music, improvisation, and interactive media.